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This section shows you many VZones worlds (old, new and unheard of) from Habitat to First Frontiers. We now have updated information for every world that has ever been! Read on...

Lucasfilm Games: Habitat - Club Caribe
This ground-breaking achievement and internet technology developed by Lucasarts was the basis of what VZers use today!

The Avatars that make the zones
The catalogue of avatars has increased dramatically since the early days... find out when it all began here!

The History of VZones Network
Find out all about your favourite VZones website, and just how long its been around for! Included are screenshots of every 'look' this site has ever had, plus editors notes on how they came to be.

Habitat II: Graceville/Resort
Habitat goes to the PC!

Finally, Habitat becomes Worldsaway and is brought to the English speaking countries around the world.

Pride!/Queery Universe
The original adult world, launched for the gay community.

Hotel Silicon
The beta that built a community.

CC, NRW, VZC, newHorizone
No world has evolved quite so much as this one! Read the full history of newHorizone right here!

Worldsaway reaches Korean shores.

First Frontiers/VZones 3.0 BETA
The world that was set to become a major world but failed and so was made into a beta testing ground for the new VZones software

Chat Room/Chat Zone
Downtime chat for VZ members + a preview of NH/DS.
The outcast of the bunch. A purely adult-oriented world with sex, nudity, and swearing.

Second Kingdom
No its not quite The Realm or Everquest, but it came through in the end.. its Second Kingdom! With trolls, wizards, and quests, SK was VZones' the most original world yet.

Unknown or Future Worlds
So what other worlds do VZones hide?



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