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VZ History: Glass City

Glass City was a Korean VZones world that used a Korean version of the Worldsaway client. The world itself was a toned down version of the Dreamscape with a few differences.

Glass City Rares Vault
Explore Glass City 2001

When the company realized they were getting invaded by english-speaking people (yes, that would be us) they decided to open a world just for them called Periodot. Periodot and Topaz are exactly the same as Glass City, but theyre just mirrors for the original, so to speak.
Due to the instability of the worlds (anyone with a patch could crash the entire world for 10 minutes at a time), they decided to shut down and rebuild.

Soon, the new and improved Glass City opens with a new client and new 3Dish graphics. The new glass city gave you two world options - Senior or Junior. The former was usually the most packed of the two, so everyone opted to go there.

When the second build of Glass City effectively 'shattered' (see what I did there?) under patch pressure, it was closed for a third reopening. Six months later, a whole new world was opened... but this time round, security was a lot tighter. Yep, they seem to know that us VZers have "trouble" spelt all over our faces now <g>
And so, the Koreans finally have a place or two to themselves... and we're not allowed in. Oh well...



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