"Back in the day, oh say '87 or '88 I was involved in a world known as Club Caribe. For those who don't know what Club Caribe is, well let me explain. Back when all you had was your trusty Commodore 64 and if you were lucky a 1200 baud modem. You could dial up your favorite SP (service provider), note it's not ISP (because the internet didn't exist, well maybe telnet) and logon to Quantum Link, a Compuserve owned company. Here was the AOL of the 80's, It had Upload/Download sections as well as message boards and the First 2D virtual Enviorment That I can Remember." Muslickz

Quantum Link ran from Nov 1st. 1985 TO Oct 31st. 1994. After which it turned into AOL. You can see the final letter sent to users here.

Ok, you sit down and turn on your computer then flip thru you box of 1000 floppy's. Finally your hand comes to rest on your Q-link disk, flipping it over reveals your Jackrabbits casino client, "No, that's not it." you paw thru a few more floppy's skipping Spy Hunter and that darn 1541 Drive Utilities disk, "Ahh, here we are." You look down to reveal your brand new ClubCaribe disk that you used your +PLUS* Minuites credits to buy. You insert it at the prompt and voila!

*+ Plus Minutes: Plus minutes are time spent on premium services such as PEOPLE CONNECTION(CHAT) as well as Downloads(Which were long at 300Baud) and also a few other things (Club Caribe Included).

Created by Metal Edd and Muslickz