Locale Comparisons

Although not necessarily inspired by ClubCaribe, many of todays locales do look a bit like the ones from the old C64 world. Here are a few instances:

Dreamscape's Blasted Heath may very well have been inspired by this locale from CC, considering it was one of the originally planned areas.

The Dreamscape Sewers werent original! The same idea was in ClubCaribe... the manhole cover even looks similar.

Dreamscape jungle's River Ford locale looks a lot like the original river crossing locale from CC... strange.

ClubCaribe also had a desert or two... could this have been the inspiration for the cactus art, now used in NH's Desert Zone?

The Hot Tubs also existed in ClubCaribe as a "Patio". Hot Tubs were later put into Hotel Silicon, Dreamscape and Club Connect.


Created by Metal Edd and Muslickz