1987-NOW Comparisons

The most fascinating thing about ClubCaribe is that there are a number of similarities between the world of 1987, and the VZones of today...

The trademark Virtual Token. As you can see, Club Caribes token is simply a blue circle, while ours has more detail on it, including the Worldsaway logo and the GO AWAY compuserve sign on the back.

As you can see here, the ghosts in Club Caribe and Dreamscape are very much alike... the tail is even present in both designs.

Teleports even existed in ClubCaribe. Design-wise, it looks more like the machine from newHorizone... but since this teleporter is not original art, we can assume it was not based on the ClubCaribe design.

The ATM! As you can see, both designs feature a screen and a hatch at the bottom... but apart from that, everything is different.

And with the ATM comes the pawn machine. The one on the right is the only pawn machine we could find that sort of resembles the one from ClubCaribe (left).

The vendos were still called vendos in ClubCaribe, and they looked rather similar to the ones we today. Both have a display cabinet and a panel somewhere on the machine. Other vendos today also have the item hatch at the bottom of the machine.

Believe it or not, Dreamscape did not invent the inworld board games... they were also in ClubCaribe! Shown above are the Backgammon boards for both worlds... all the difference a little color can make eh?

Regular visitors to VZones will be familiar with the chair-standing bug, where an avatar sometimes ends up standing on a chair... well, the bug even existed in the days of CC.

Ghost Racing in ClubCaribe!
Even now, the tradition of this game continues in VZ worlds.

ClubCaribe also had a hatchery locale for newbie avatars.

Who could forget turfs in this? Yes, ClubCaribe also had turfs with the same level of function as we have today. See the member-made christmas tree in the second pic.

Finally, the ClubCaribe also had a void to store punished avatars... much like the one in Dreamscape. Hey, it even has the same name!


Created by Metal Edd and Muslickz