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VZ Tips and Glitches

Learn some great VZones tips here! Also, find out how to use those glitches youve seen, but never quite figured out how to do yourself <g>

Find an avatars new name

Want to track down an avatar that changed their name? Simply try to ignore their old name (Communicate > Ignore Avatar) and you will be shown the avatars new name.

Full Screen VZones

To do this, simply run Worldsaway 2.4 and set your screen resolution to 1024 x 768. This will not work with VZones 3.0!

Bring up menu on items faster

Simply double click on anything (except avatars or items with a URL) to bring up the menu realllyyyy fast. Cool huh?

Put Smileys/Gestures on your URL/TMA

'Type out' a gesture in the VZones text box and highlight it. RIght click on the highlighted gesture and select Cut. Now, open the TMA/URL editor and whenever you want to place that smiley down, press Ctrl + V at the same time.

The Arm-Out Glitch

Simply hand a token to somebody with nothing in their hands and ghost REALLY fast. This works better with minimal lag.

The Demented Head Glitch

To make it so you can wear your head strangely, click on an item (not scenery or floor) and use the arrow keys to select "Walk To" making sure you end up facing the object with your back to us. Do this twice then place your head in your pocket. Now, take your head back out of the pocket and wear it to make it look as if your neck is twisted.
Next, put all accessories you are wearing in to your pocket. Take your accessories out again and wear them one by one to make your head look even weirder!

Backwards Wave and Reaction

Click on an item (not scenery or floor) and use the arrow keys to select "Walk To" making sure you end up facing the object with your back to us. Do this twice then simply press F6 to wave backwards or F11 to react backwards.

Open Containers while Holding

This is the most commonly used of glitches since it allows you to open up Christmas trees filled with items so everyone in the locale can see what you have!
To do this neat trick, fill up a container completely with items and put in your pocket. Take out your tokens and try to put them in the container TWICE. Next, take out the container and ghost/unghost. The container should now be open in your arms.

Flying Avatar Glitch

The hardest glitch to set up... but the most rewarding hehe
Buy at least 100 glasses of champagne and line them up beside each other in your turf glued down. If possible, dot some around on the walls too.
Now if you have done this correctly, you should fly around your turf whenever you walk to a glass of champagne. Walk to ones on the wall to fly upwards and ones on the floor to skid along the ground.
Finally, invite some friends up to your turf and have fun!
Pictured: Fei Wong Wongs Turf

The Sitting Bug

This lets you make other avatars either sit sideways or stand on a chair (on everyones screens except theirs).
Simply ask another to sit down then just as they are walking to the chair, quickly hand them a token. If you did it fast enough and there was not much lag, the other avatar should be standing up on the chair (or sitting sideways). Good for a laugh inworld :P



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