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Explore VZones worlds and locales that can no longer be visited with this exclusive section to the VZones Network.
Simply, click the arrow buttons on the toolbar as if you were using the real VZones client and click on doors once to pass through. This does not require you to download any special software, just click on an area below and youre away!

Entire Worlds

1998 - Hotel Silicon
Explore the 'Hotel that built a Community', Hotel Silicon which closed down November 1998.
1999 - New Radio World
Explore the second phase of the CC to NH transformation, New Radio World! Use the train to travel from city to city and the plane to travel to London and back.
2001 - Dreamscape
Explore Worldsaway's flagship world "Dreamscape", as it looked like in 2001. The jungle is not accessible.
2001 - Chat Room
Explore the demo world "Chat Room", a small version of VZConnections for prospective members to sample.
2001 - Glass City
Glass City, the Korean world, closed in Winter 2001. Now you can explore it once again in all its former glory!

Seasonal Locales


NH: 1999, 2000 and 2001 - Halloween Locale Compilation
All the halloween locales from 1999's haunted house/caves, 2000's castle/catacombs and 2001's cornfield have been combined to create this huge halloween 'world'.
Created by Ray, modified by Metal Edd.
SC: 2001 - Horror Movie World
Seducities Halloween Locales here, based on old horror movies such as Dracula and the Bride of Frankenstein.
DS: 2001 - Halloween Locales
Halloween locales from Dreamscape 2001, including the mansion, sewers and secret locales.
SC: 2002 - Grim Faerie Tales
Seducities halloween locales from 2002 are based on adaptations from fairy tales.
Note: All nudity has been censored, however, 'suggestive' avatar poses are still clearly visible.
NH: 2002 - Hotel California
NH Halloween in 2002, its the Hotel California! All the locales were adapted brilliantly from the classic Eagles song.
SK: 2002 - Catacombs
Second Kingdoms first shot at halloween! Explore the haunted catacombs, and the castle gallery at the top.
DS: 2002 - Victorian Mansion
Dreamscapes traditional victorian mansion, with new features for 2002!
DS: 2002 - Pirate Ship Atropia
Dreamscapes second set of halloween locales for 2002, the pirate ship Atropia.


NH: 2000 - Winter Town
Explore Winter Town, the christmas city that was open in VZConnections for the 2000 festive season.
DS: 2001 - Christmas Locales
Dreamscape 2001 Christmas Locales. Includes Kringle Park, the Ice Caves and the Ice Castle with throne room.

Locale Sets

VZC: 2001 - VZConnections Main Area
See how the main area of newHorizone used to look back in 2001!
NH: 2002 - VZSciFi
Explore VZSci-Fi, the huge sci-fi area that closed in May 2002.
DS: 2002 - Acolyte Antechamber
The staff quarters for Dreamscape's staff team the Acolytes.


VZones Network was designed by Edd Coates (Metal Edd).

VZN was a popular VZones news site which ran from 1997 to 2003 and was well known for its extensive collection of multimedia, as well as it's 'underground' tendencies.

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