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Believe it or not, VZones Network started as a personal homepage, way back in June of 1997. It was simply "Edds Website", had an extremely basic layout, and it hurt your eyes. Seriously.
I couldnt find an old copy of the site, so I whipped up a very rough replica:

It was actually ten times worse than this, and the color scheme didnt blend in at all... try blue text on a red background... yuck!

[click image to enlarge]

From this, I added lots of VZN-alike sections including the files page, rare pics gallery and a very basic art gallery. Having found a page full of extremely ugly backgrounds, I littered each page with these diabolical designs, picking even more diabolical font styles to go with them.

Around November 1997, I redesigned the site to have better font styles, and a starry background. The site was renamed to "Hotel Silicon Headquarters" and the content was changed from a very 'hi, hello' nature to that, more of a community site.

This was the main entry page of the site. The "Enter - Leave" thing was a part of the main logo until someone mentioned that is was too much like an adult site... so it was later removed, and the "ENTER!" button was added below.

[click image to enlarge]

This is what one of the sections looked like. Notice the ugly blue links and boring font styles.

[click image to enlarge]

Time went by, and I learned new skills in HTML design. Midway through 1998, I changed the name of the site to "Worldsaway Headquarters" to accomodate Dreamscape and the launch of Club Connect... although this new title added absolutely no extra content to the website other than a few new pictures.

21st December 1998, the brand new design for Worldsaway Headquarters was finally completed, and went live. The new site got rid of the old "Click here to enter" page, and just launched straight into the main menu. Rather than be an all-resource site, this was the first 'look' to actually include news articles for Worldsaway worlds.
The individual sections didnt follow the new layout, and just linked to the old, boring pages (see just above).

No entry page this time, just the main layout of the website. News articles were posted below the avatar group picture.

[click image to enlarge]

This 'new' site proved so popular when it launched, that a URL was added to the door in Silicon Valley "Metal Edds Worldsaway HQ".
The site was updated with news almost daily for three whole weeks (LOL), until January 9th 1999, when "The Official NRW News" was launched. When the "NRW News" (now the VZNews) opened, I felt there was no need to update WAHQ any longer.. so I just kept the page up quietly, and did no updates.

Around Febuary, people asked me where the updates had gone to and why I had taken leave my of senses by effectively closing down the site. So, making sense to me, I began work on constructing a whole new site that could possibly be even better than the official news site.
The "Headquarters" tag was dropped, a whole new layout was designed and overall, the site looked more 'official'.
The end product was the "NRW Network", a new kind of site that followed the same consistency throughout with its logo, layout, font styles and menus. NRW Network was launched on March 24th 1999.

The "Headquarters" tag was dropped, and replaced with "Network" since it sounded nice with "NRW".
A new layout was created, along with a logo for the title. Blue menus went alongside the right of the page and the news was presented in a white frame on the left.

[click image to enlarge]

Not many people were all that bothered when this site opened, because I stupidly released it with half the pages unfinished. This, along with the fact that it was hosted at XOOM did not help... so I thought about getting it hosted somewhere. A friend inworld offered me some webspace on his domain, and so we planned to move the site there. Sadly, it never happened and the site remained un-updated for about a week... at this point, I was ready to give up.
Many of the sections never saw the light of day due to my lazyness when it came to working on the site. This is shown best in my last post on this site:

June 5th 1999

Finally Updated
-TheEditor@ 2:00pm WAT

Im sorry for not updating for a while.. a long while.. but to be honest, I just couldnt be bothered. Anyway now I have decided to finish what I began.

I never did.

For about a year, this was my very last post on NRW Network... until I got an ESP from Robert about NRW-N. He suggested that I change the name to VZones Network, as NRW was recently renamed to VZConnections. Now knowing that someone does actually still care about the website, I decided to have one more bash at redesigning the site...

Recently, I had begun working on the new look for PHP's (People Helping People) website. The site was in its early stages, but it was looking pretty good. I had an idea:
Rather than start over from scratch, I decided to make use of this nice new design I had for PHP, and transform it into the "VZones Network" (sorry PHP). So over six-seven months, I changed the main page around a bit to suit the nature of VZones Network, then added the pages one by one, adding content as I went. The end result was a little something like this:

Its the VZones Network!
Originally the concept website for PHP, following a completely different direction from the past layouts. With a new colour scheme, menu and lots of new features, this was the best yet.

[click image to enlarge]

In an attempt to right all the wrongs of the past designs, I bought a domain name that forwarded the browser to VZNs address at XOOM. www.vzonesnetwork.com was the new, official address for the website, and I was damn proud.
"The VZones Network"
launched on 28th June 2000, and finally I got the crowd I wanted! Greeted by tonnes of positive feedback, VZN quickly became a very popular resource for VZConnections.

Soon it became apparent that I wasnt able to run such a site alone, so I asked others to join in with the site... for the first time, I had editors! These were NiteTime, Minxcat, Jacko, Aj (singles), Matthew, _iiii_, Saruman and Partygirl2000. Minxcat introduced a weekly newsletter and many, many new sections and ideas to the site that I would never have thought of.
Due to the ridiculous volume of work that I expected out of them *cough*, many editors came and went.. with the exception of the wonderful Minxcat, Jacko and Partygirl2000 who stuck with the site right up until they either got too busy in RW, or had to leave VZones.

Another new concept to this site was the rotation of layouts for special occasions such as christmas or halloween:

Its VZN, Halloween 2000!

[click image to enlarge]

Christmas 2000!

[click image to enlarge]

April Fools Day 2000, we played a prank on visitors, saying that the site had closed down, and a new site about Pokémon had opened in its place!
Believe it or not, many people fell for it and there was a big discussion about it on the forums.

[click image to enlarge]

VZN went through a further change January 21st 2001 where I attempted to merge the site with three other sites about Hotel Silicon, Dreamscape and Glass City (Hotel Silicon Network, Dreamscape Network and Glass City Network, respectively). This didnt work, however, as I actually believed I could maintain all four networks at once... silly edd.

The Dreamscape Network.

[click image to enlarge]

Glass City Network.

[click image to enlarge]

From this, I just decided to create a totally new website dedicated to Dreamscape alone, and get someone else to run it (as part of my 'Network empire'). "Dreamsite" never got finished (oh brother!) but like with the PHP project, I did decide to use the layout for something else... a new layout for VZN!

This time, I got VZN hosted on a proper server with its own scripts, logos and everything. The editors allowed me to work on the new VZN while updates were being made to the old site... so the site was never without updates!
10th May 2001, the new VZones Network was finally launched to the public, with a new layout, new sections and much more.

VZN makes its comeback with a great new look. The nature of the new logo allowed for it to be changed in the style of current or upcoming events such as the Timewarp (see left).

[click image to enlarge]

The ugly (but rushed) halloween layout for 2001.

[click image to enlarge]

The much better layout, used for halloween 2002. Notice how the avatars 'leap' out of the logo onto the frame... creepy!

[click image to enlarge]

The site didnt get an xmas layout in 2001 due to a heavy workload in RW... however, it got one the following year, and this was it :)
The 2002 Xmas layout was coupled with a competition where the members of NH had to name a 'reject' reindeer.

[click image to enlarge]

At the end of 2002, I felt VZN deserved a 7th makeover, so I got to work on the most ambitious version of the site yet. To begin the transition from v6 to v7, I had the small gesture people literally destroy the site, ready for rebuilding in the guise of v7. Confused? Click HERE to see their spree of destruction.

Work started on the actual site in November, but did not resume until early January. Heres the first prototype I designed:

Well overdue for a change, VZN needed a brand new look. This was the first prototype for the new site.. as you can see, its actually a mixture of the 2000 and 2001 sites... not the desired result.
I needed something totally new, so back to the drawing board I went...

[click image to enlarge]

This is the start of the second prototype I was working on. I got bored of this pretty quick, so I scrapped it and tried again.. this time utilizing the nice new logo :)

[click image to enlarge]

I took the logo I had from the second prototype of VZN, and tried it in the first prototype. It looked good, so I changed the colors around and began to work on new menus, sidebars and headers.
A frame was put in the center of the screen for significant site updates, the letter-coded site key was scrapped for a picture one, and news was actually posted in boxes instead of clumps of text. The overall look was more modern and fresher than the previous designs.

The most ambitious site yet, with a modern look, attractive menus, logos (that change randomly), headers and a host of affiliated sites, including an auction site for VZ.

[click image to enlarge]

For April Fools 2003, a button was placed on the index page, advertising a Special VZones Announcement. When the user clicked or placed their mouse over it, the entire site went upside-down!

Updates slowly began to cease and I spent less and less time inworld as my real-world workload increased. Eventually, updates stopped altogether and VZN remained dormant for about a year before disappearing off the face of the internet once and for all at the end of 2004.

The address has changed, but the content of VZones Network will always be availiable to you from this archive site.

© The VirtualZones Network all rights reserved. Site created by Edd Coates (aka Metal Edd in VZones).
© Vzones.com All rights reserved. Vzones images, text or other material may be copied, distributed or otherwise used only with the express written permission of VZones. www.vzones.com