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VZ History: Seducity

Mix the innocent cartooniness with the sexual humor of Queery Universe, and youve got Seducity.

Seducity Rares Vault
Seducity Gallery Archive
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This hardcore adult VZones world was actually finished months and months before it was released. The project was scrapped at some point, then brought back again for whatever reason.

Seducity is split into two halves - Lakeside Landing, the peaceful shopping center with boutiques and marketplaces. The Red Light District is the other half, where sex seems to be the only subject.
The Red Light District contains locales such as the adult theatre, sex toy shop, domination den and the Bordello.

As you may well know, Seducity gives you the opportunity to get naked and stroll around barefoot for as long as you like... however it does have its rules. For example, youre not allowed to do sexual things in the Lakeside Landing area, only in the Redlight District. If you do not follow the rules, you recieve a citizen freezing (or in Sedus case - spanking). Oh yeah, Acolytes in Sedu are called Citizens.

Many people believe that Seducity is based on the adult entertainment turf they opened in Club Connect in 1998.



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