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VZ History: Second Kingdom

The arrival of Second Kingdom came as a surprise to many, as mysterious advertisments were planted on the official sites such as vzones.com, avatarwares and VZnews. 'Hinted' by Robert a long time before on KVZN, a new world was opening which would be slightly different to the others.

Second Kingdom Rares Vault
Lost Legends walkthrough
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SK Gallery Archives

The grand opening of SK started with an open house preview for members, where NH and DSers could get into the world for free, for 24hrs. After the preview... there seemed to be a billing problem. doh. A couple of days later, SK opened officially and fun was had by all... sorta.

It took a while for things to really get going inworld, as many avatars questioned the point of SK...
Firstly, SK is the first ever world to introduce powers to normal avatars. Through the use of spell wands and spell protectors, one is able to cast muting, freezing, dancing spells on the chump of his/her choice, and be protected by such spells at the same time. Pointless, but fun.
At the time of opening, the quests were basically glorified fox hunts... not leaving much to the imagination.
These things irritated a lot of people, and so SK wasnt doing so well, popularity wise. Then things really started heating up!

A faire opened in SK which offered new types of games, new locales, vendo items and even performances by the actors guild. In addition to this, members from DS and NH were invited in for three days to play along in the faire. The originality of the event caused many many new members to join, and SK finally found its feet.
Coinciding with the faire, a new type of quest was introduced "Lost Legends". This worked along the same lines as a Monkey Island adventure, having the player gather certain items to give to certain people or use in certain places etc... it was a lot of fun, and the event was enjoyed by everyone! (See here for an old walkthrough).

Lost Legends was seemingly scrapped at that point in favor of an even better type of quest, which allowed the member to 'level up' through completing tasks inworld. The more tasks completed, the more exp they have, and the closer they can be to having an exclusive warrior body.
The tasks involved brand new locales and situations, including unexplored parts of the main castle. Ever seen a full army of trolls invade a VZones world?

Unfortunately, SK couldnt compete with the likes of today's large-scale MMORPGs and the world was eventually closed. All content was moved to Dreamscape and members were offered a trial membership in that world to get started.


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