Bring the four Key Stones to the four Gargoyle Statues dotted around Second Kingdom. When the four key stones are in place, the Warder will awaken, granting you the key word to receive your prize.

Heres how to get the four key stones:


Find the four pieces of paper scattered around the world, with a verse of writing on each. Put the verses into the correct order and recite the completed song to Kari the Fairy:

Hail to the Mushroom King,
We Praise you as we sing,
Protect us from the darkness,
And the things that night bring.

You will receive a magic key for your troubles. Take this to the chest in the castle tower. Unlock the chest to receive the North Key Stone.


Click on the Mat in Geldorn Tavern and slip through to the thieves den where you acquire the thief skill. Now, find the Dark Imp in the dark forest. Pickpocket the imp for the West Keystone.


Find the skull behind one of the cottages in Trelmer.

Bring the skull to the mound of dirt in the dark forest, and give it to the spirit of the headless skeleton.


Collect an apple from the tree on the Wooded Path, then take it to the old hag in Geldorn Village.

Give her the apple, and 100 gold bars. She will give you a poisoned apple in return.
Take this far south to the troll cave.

Throw the poisoned apple at the troll, and collect the South Keystone from the previce.


Insert all four keystones into the four gargoyle statues as located:

North - Castle Main Hall
West - Dark Forest Entrance
East - Elven Treehouse
South - Troll Caves


Travel to the Portal in the Dark Forest and speak to the Warder, who should now be awake. He will grant you the key word required to claim your prize.