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VZ History: Habitat II

The "sequel" to the original habitat is Habitat II. This software was launched by Fujitsu in 1993 after they bought the rights to the idea from Lucasarts.

Habitat II Rares Vault
Habitat II Gallery Archive

The problem with this was that the software, and indeed the entire world was in Japanese! If course, it wasnt a problem if you lived in Japan... but Americans werent able to get their mitts on it for quite a while.
Habitat II is still running til this very day, but the reason why you probably havent heard of it before, is because the new site is impossible to understand (even when translated). There used to be a ghost-preview function which let you explore Habitat II as a ghost (without the ability to communicate or unghost), this is how we got the pictures below. We have tried to get into Habitat II recently... but it requires some sort of Japanese Citizen code, and it is certainly not free. A nice change from todays worlds though, Habitat II only costs $4 a month to join.

The flagship Habitat II world, Graceville, just happened to be our Dreamscape but with many new and different locales that are not in the English version such as a hotel and traditional supermarket.

A year later, Fujitsu got thinking and decided to give a piece of the hyped-up cartoony action to English Speaking countries... so the software was sent to Fujitsu-America and an english version of Graceville was built.

Today, Habitat II is a thriving virtual world, with its own exclusive 'zones', artwork and even sounds.


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