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VZ History: Chat Room/Chat Zone

Chat Room and Chat Zone were two totally different worlds, built for the same purpose - to provide a world to members when the server goes down. Chat Room also served as a preview area for perspective members to the zones.

Chat Room

This was a nine locale preview of VZConnections (pre-NH) for those who were not yet a member of VZones. The world was a fair size, and a good insight into the locales, avatars and item interaction was given. Unfortunately, this did not seem to see the light of day... beta accounts were given out to a select few, but thats as far as the world went.

Click HERE to walk around Chat Room in our interactive tour.

Chat Zone

Chat Zone seemed to be a revised version of the Chat Room plan, providing a downtime chat only, but no preview. Consisting of approx 8 locales, it was simply a temporary world for avatars to chat in.
No body machines, vendos or tokens are used in this world, so all avatar enhancements are usually done by the staff inworld.



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