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VZ History: Club Caribe, Habitat

Believe it or not, VZones has been around for much longer than you might think. Before VZones it was called Worldsaway and even before that, it was called Habitat: The ClubCaribe.

Club Caribe/Habitat Rares Vault
Comphrensive Guide to Club Caribe
Map of Club Caribe

This world was for C64 users and was availible on an internet service called Q-Link (which we all know now as AOL!). Habitat was far more primative than the VZones we know today and the graphics were simple too (well they were on a C64). This world was created by none other than Lucasfilm Entertainment, the company responsible for bringing us brilliant movies such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones. So, what was so different about this world compared to ours? Hardly anything actually apart from the turfs which featured as actual buildings each avatar could own.

Yup, you could rent a house in Habitat. Also there were other things, such as fighting. Evidence of that appears in WA/VZ on your status menu. "How healthy am I?"

These were updated and enhanced versions of Habitat too. Just like the Monkey Island games (also developed by Lucasfilm Games), a standard version (for low-end machines) and an enhanced version (for later machines) of Habitat was released.

Basicly you had weapons (like a gun) and if you defeated the other avatar, they'd drop their weapon and all the contents of their pocket and be teleported to a turf with their head in their hands.

Unfortunately, the world was not as popular as it was hoped to be... this was either because the internet was not utilized by many people at the time, or because of the poor software format chosen by Lucasarts. Either way, the world eventually closed down and the project was left alone for a while.
Luckily, in 1993, Fujitsu bought the rights to the technology from Lucasarts and relaunched it as Habitat II, the amazing software we know and love this very day... but it was in japanese!

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