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VZ Manual: Using VZones 3.6+

The VZones control layout couldnt be simpler. At the bottom of the window is a toolbar covered with buttons... this controls pretty much everything your avatar does, except item and object interaction.
To enable the gesture/emotion buttons (if they are already disabled) simply goto your Toolbar menu and select Movement/Gestures.

Now, all the buttons will be availiable to you on the toolbar:

Sets of buttons have been color coded to make this easier to explain.

Red Section
These buttons allow your avatar to move from locale to locale. Simply click on an arrow (if it is availiable) to move to the next locale in that direction.
The 'little man' icon will allow you to ghost/unghost.

A ghost is an invisible avatar. When your avatar is ghosted, you will not see their physical form on-screen, apart from a small icon in the top-right hand corner. This is a ghost icon.
Ghosts are able to travel across locales much quicker, as the avatar animation is not shown. To ghost/unghost, simply click on the button, fifth from the left.

Blue Section
These buttons change the expression on your avatars face, if you are wearing a head. Which button does which face is self explanatory. Note: these functions may also be performed by buttons F2-F5.

Green Section
These buttons allow your avatar to perform a 'gesture' such as waving, bowing or jumping. Note: these functions may also be performed by buttons F6-F11.

Orange Section
The first three buttons allow you to change your avatars orientation, the clock button displays the inworld time, how many hours you have been using VZ and the date/time you joined, and the $ button displays how many tokens you currently possess.

Purple Section
These buttons allow you to change the type of speech. First button is for direct speech, second is for think bubbles, and the third allows you to send a private message to another avatar.

Like most Windows programs, VZones has sub menus too:
File > Lists avatars you have seen and turfs you have visited. Lets you organise friends and turf names. Preferences lets you turn off the sound and Save Messages lets you save a dialogue of spoken text inworld.
Edit > Basic Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo commands.
Communicate > A simplified version of the VZones toolbar (see above).
Toolbar > Allows you to alter the look of your toolbar.
Help > View official help files and page a sysop to help you.

Sysops are special avatars in VZones, that assist the members when they are in need. For example, one member is having trouble with another, so he/she pages a sysop. Sysops go by different names in different worlds... simply look at your Help menu to see what they are called in your corresponding world.
To page a sysop, click the Page ____
command under the Help menu.


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