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VZ Manual: Turfs

Rent a turf, decorate the turf, invite your friends up to see then PARTY!
If this is the scenario you have in mind for your very own turf then read on!

To get started, you will need to visit the turf manager. This is NOT a real person so dont even bother talking to him! Click on the turf manager to display a menu of options:

Apartments are not "bought" but "rented" so the price you pay for the first time will be the price you have to pay every month from then on (or else risk losing the turf and all possessions!).
Rent an Apartment: Choose a plan which suits you and remember that the price shown will have to be paid monthly. Upon clicking a turf plan, you will be asked to select a name for your new turf (it can always be changed at a later date). Do NOT choose the default "Chez [Avatar Name]" but instead make up a creative name that nobody will guess.
Pay Rent: This allows you to pay rent on your turf if it is due. Select the amount to pay when asked. If your rent is not paid, the turf will be lost.
Add owner to Lease: This will allow you to add another avatar to the lease of your apartment (a second owner). NOTE: Once the avatar has been added to the lease, he cannot be removed unless he does so himself.
Change Address: If you are unhappy with the current name of your turf, this will let you change it.
Break Lease: This option will remove you from the lease of the turf (if you are the only owner, all items and possessions will be lost).

Upon creating a turf, the address will be automatically added to your favorite turf list. To remove it or add new turfs to the list, goto File menu, Turfs List.

To enter your new turf, find the elevator and click on it. Select "Ride the elevator to..." and select your turf from the list (or click "other..." and type it in manually).

To decorate your turf, place an item on the floor, click it and select "Glue down". This prevents others from items in your turf. (make sure ALL items are glued down at all times!!!). If you click a glued item, youll be able to move it around the room by entering its co-ordinates in the boxes OR by dragging it with the left mouse button while holding down the Shift button (Z and X) or the Ctrl button (Y).


Clicking on any turf wall will bring up this menu:

Object Sub Menu

Change Name... - Change the name of the wall/floor
Edit URL... - Add a URL to the wall/floor, like your avatar

Room Sub Menu

Change Name... - Changes the name of the locale
Access Control - Limit ghosts, avatars in the locale

Remove all guests - Kicks all guests from turf
Remove guest - Kicks one specified guest from the turf
Glue all items - Glues down every item in the locale
Unglue all items - Unglues down every item in the locale
Close all Containers - Closes all containers in the locale
Open all Containers - Opens all containers in the locale

Turf Sub Menu

Access Control - Limits avatars allowed in turf

Owners? - Lists all avatars on the turfs lease
Rent due date? - Displays the date when rent needs to be paid
Secure Turf - Completely locks turf, disallowing all guests
Open Turf - Completely unlocks turf, allowing guests in every room



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