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VZ Manual: Jargon Dictionary

Here are some terms and codes you may need to know whilst in VZones:

Chat Jargon
These are generally used all over the internet in chat rooms.

BBL - Be back later
BRB - Be right back
BRT - Be right there
IMO - In my opinion
WTG - Way to go
GL - Good luck
BTW.. - by the way...
atm - at the moment (also Automated Token Machine)
K - Ok
Thx - Thanks
TY - Thank you

Hugggggsssss - To hug someone. Add extra g's and s's for added effect.

OMG - oh my god
OMFG - oh my f***ing god

Laughing: Use in upper case for added effect

LOL - Laugh out loud
LMAO - Laughing my a$$ off
LMFAO - Laughing my f***ing a$$ off
ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing
ROFLOL - Rolling on floor laughing out loud
ROFLMAO - Rolling on floor laughing my a$$ off
ROFLMFAO - Rolling on floor laughing my F***ing a$$ off

PITA - Pain in the a$$

OBO - Or best offer

ETA - Estimated time availiable
RSN - Real soon now
ADN - Any day now (real def: never)

Typo Fixing
The art of fixing typos, the most annoying occurances in internet chat

For this example, the word "Mnopollyy" has just been typed out.

*Monopoly - Type out a star (*) followed by the typo'd word, corrected.
+o -y - Make corrections from left to right, adding/subtracting letters as you go.

VZones Jargon
This is jargon exclusive to VZones

Apts - Apartments/Turfs
Turfs - Avatar apartments/homes
Tks/Ts - Tokens

AW - Avatarwares
Amulet - Sysop powered item
Fiddle - World manager 'building' item

TMA - Tell me about (function on avatar)

TOS - Terms of service

VZT - VZones Time (= PST)
WAT - Worldsaway Time (= PST)


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