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VZ Manual: Items Inworld

The elements that make VZones unique from other virtual chat rooms are items. The value of an item is based on where it originally came from, its quantity inworld (if known), how popular it is and just how difficult it is to find one. If the item is still in a vendo, then its only worth the vendo price but if the item WAS in the vendo but is now removed then it is worth a little more than what it was. This is usually known inworld as a "rare item". Rare items can only be bought from other avatars so there is a security problem. If you are do not trust the other person you can page a sysop to help with the transaction.

To fetch an item from your pocket, click your avatar and select "Get From Pocket" then "Show More". This will present to you a list of items currently in your possession. Double click an item to get it out of your pocket for all to see. To put the item back into your pocket, click your avatar and select "Put Into" then select either your pocket or a chest to put the item into. This also applies with tokens, heads, accessories and spray cans.

If you wish to give an item to another avatar, click on someone while holding the item and select "Give To". NOTE: You cannot take back the item unless they give it back to you themselves.



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