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VZ Manual: Inworld Ettiquete

Here are some basic rules you should stick by inworld to get along better with others:

1) Do not scroll other people (ESP Bomb)
2) When advertising in a public locale, you only need to say it ONCE... do not flood the screen with your messages
3) Do not advertise for something during an event or nside another persons store
4) Everyone inworld is entitled to their own opinion... do not insult them because of it
5) If someone else is using the vendo, wait your turn before using it
6) Do not ask another person if something is for sale unless they SAY SO
7) If you want to park, do so in your turf and not a popular public locale
8) People inworld come from different histories and backgrounds - be repectful
9) Do not accuse others unless you have the facts
10) Do not involve others in personal quarrels (if you think someone is a thief, leave others out of it and page a guide)

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