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VZ Manual: Using Currency

Like the real world, VZones has its form of currency called tokens which are used to buy stuff inworld from a vendo or another avatar.

When you first start out in VZones you are presented with an avatar holding 25tks. This does not seem like much until you check an ATM (Automated Token Machine) which should be carrying 1000tks, perhaps more. An ATM might look like this:

Clicking on the ATM will bring up the menu above giving you the option to withdraw all your tks or find out how many tks you have in your account. Clicking on "Withdraw Tokens" then "All" will withdraw all your tokens. You can also desposit tokens into your account by holding them in your hand before clicking the ATM and selecting "Deposit Tokens" (not shown).

So, how do you earn these tokens? Well, for each hour spent inworld you earn a set amount, depending on the world you're in. These tokens are then transported to your ATM account ready for withdrawal.

If you wish to only hold a certain amount of your tokens, simply click on your avatar then select Split tokens from pocket. This will take out only the amount you requested, and leave the rest in your pocket.



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