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VZ Manual: Communicating

Now you have an avatar and can successfully handle the VZones software, its time for you to interact with other people. Some will be polite, well mannered and helpful while others you will probably find loud-mouthed, rude and inconsiderate.

Conversation and ESP
Communicating with these people couldnt be easier! You type in your message and it is displayed as a speech bubble above your avatar. Other people reply to you and their message appears over their avatar. This is how a basic VZones conversation works. To send someone a private message (an ESP), click the button in the lower-right hand corner of your VZones window. Type the avatars name (who you wish to recieve the message) into the "to:___" box then type in your message into the second box (next to the first one). Now, simply press ENTER to send your message to that avatar.

ESP Mail
If you send an ESP to someone who is not currently inworld, VZones will present you with the option to "ESP Mail" this message to the person instead. This means that when the avatar next gets inworld, he can recieve that message and read it (very much like an answering machine).

Ignoring an Avatar
If a particular avatar starts to annoy you (insults you, bombs you with messages...etc.) then you can ignore that avatars spoken text and ESP by simply clicking on the avatar and selecting "ignore this avatar". If you cannot actually see the avatar in question then goto your Communicate meny and select "Ignore Avatar". Type the avatars name into the box and they will be completely ignored. See below:

Using your avatars gestures and movements, it is possible to create "unofficial" gestures when interacting with other avatars...

Kissing - Stand next to another avatar and face them, then press F7 to bow. This makes it look like youre kissing that person on the cheek.
Holding Hands - Stand beside another avatar, making sure that you are both facing forward and both hands are meeting.
Hugging - Simply walk to another avatar and face them. Add to the effect by typing in HUGGGGSSSSS (this is the most used unofficial avatar gesture).
Stomp on somebodys toes - Walk to somebody facing forward then face the same direction yourself before pressing F10 (jump).
Tap/Punch somebodys shoulder - Stand beside somebody, facing them and press F6 (wave) to create the effect of your avatar tapping (or punching) the other persons shoulder. This works better when youre holding an item (i.e thumping somebody with a paint can).
Kick another avatar - Stand facing another avatar and press F10 (jump) to make it look like youre kicking the other person.



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