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VZ Manual: Your Avatar

Now you know how to control your avatar, youll probably want to customise it a little and show it off to the world, right?
Um.. yeah, well, the first thing you will need to do is give your avatar a name (to make it stand out from the crowd) so find your nearest name registry. It should look like something shown below:

Change Your Name
Now, click once on the name registry and select "register new name" to bring up a small dialog box. Enter your new name into this box and finally click "change name". These two stages should look like this:

Change Your Body
The next step to customisation should be the physique of your avatar. Firstly, find a body changer machine. It should look like:

Click on the body changer to bring up a menu like the one above. Slide the cursor over "Buy This Body" then select the body you desire.

Wearing/Removing a head
Next, you might want to change the head youre wearing to suit you. To wear a new head, simply hold it in your hands, click on it and select "Wear Head". To remove the head, just click on it once more and this time select "Remove Head". This is shown below:

New heads can be found in various vendos across VZones (more on vendos later).

Painting your avatar
Now you need to paint your avatar in order for others to recognise you. There are two ways in which to do this... i`ll start with the easiest. Avatar "paint" is sold in various vendos across VZones (see machines in VZ for more on vendos).

As you can see above, the color segments in the paint can relate to different parts of your avatar. Hold a paint can, click your avatar then select "Paint" > "Face/Hair/Eyes" for head paint or "Bottom/Top/Skin" for body paint.

Edit TMA or URL
You have a name, a body, a head and cool colors... youre ready to hit the town! Other useful ways to customize your avatar would be to add a TMA (Tell Me About) and a URL (Internet Address). The TMA could tell others about your hobbies, your avatar, your friends... anything you think others would find interesting! The URL would be a direct link to any website you think others may enjoy looking at. To attach one of these to your avatar, click on yourself and select Edit URL or Edit TMA. You should get one of the two following menus:

Fill in the details for either one then click OK to confirm your selection. You can now test them by clicking on your avatar and selecting "Tell Me About" or the title of your URL.

Now your avatar is complete!


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