VZones Top 20 Lists

Things to be Grateful for this Holiday Season!

20. Guides, Caretakers, World Managers, Engravers, Hogdevils, PHP and SAFE members.

19. The spirit of Good Will and Helpfulness.

18. Homemade sweets.

17. Working vehicles to get us to our jobs.

16. Good jobs.

15. Good education (for those not old enough for jobs).

14. Giving a present to someone you care about.

13. Our warm spot to sleep at night.

12. *VZN Plug* VZones Network for everything you need for VZN!.

11. Mistletoe and a special someone.

10. Christmas carols (or any music) that spread the holiday cheer.

9. Cute elves inworld that make us smile.

8. A computer to sit in front of.

7. Snow or the Idea of Snow (for those in warm climates).

6. Love, loving and being loved.

5. Good food and lots of good drink! Yum, Margaritas!! ;).

4. Santa Claus.

3. Smiles and Hugs.

2. VZones for fun, games, talk, friendship and more.

1. Good friends & family.


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