VZones Top 20 Lists

Ways to tell it's Christmas in Vzones

20. It's December... duh.

19. Snow in the desert is not shocking.

18. Everyone wants to be a jolly ole' fat guy!

17. You're not at all shocked to see elves wandering the locales.

16. You're grateful for your inworld family, your inworld friends and even your token stash.

15. Fun holiday parties with liquor and strippers and... oh wait, you weren't invited to that one... ;)

14. Shop macros change from "Treat yourself to something nice" to "Get your presents now!"

13. It takes you 5 minutes to change locales because of the laggy snow.

12. You start wishing there was another fun Millennium Trivia Contest like last December.

11. The Tree Shops come decorated.

10. Christmas carolers show up in your locale, bringing good cheer and songs like "Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin layed an egg..."

9. Despite the lag of the snow, you love how pretty it looks!

8. Everyone is in the spirit of giving... and taking.

7. Scarfs and hot beverages become everyone's basic accessory.

6. Everything new comes in 3 basic colors: white, red or green.

5. You can't get slapped for kissing a cute avatar - if you're under the mistletoe!

4. Receiving a surprise gift from Secret Santa!

3. No matter your age, you start putting together a Wish List for Santa.

2. Decorated game rooms everywhere.

1. 2 words: New Vendos!


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