VZones Top 20 Lists

Top 20 Ways to Pull a Prank in VZones

20. Another pretend-newbie prank. Walk around VZones saying that the "Crackers the Parrot" avatarwares item is a bug in the server and can steal your stuff.

19. Walk around as a newbie avatar (newbie colors), headless and say you were robbed. Chances are you wont get sympathy.. just laughs *g*

18. Go to Topiary Park, drop 500 tokens, and say "FREE TOKENS!"

17. Tell everyone that Alt-F4 brings you great fortune! And watch some people have a great crash!

16. Fake a theft inworld using an alt... but DONT get guides involved, they are too busy to deal with jokes. Watch everyones reactions.

15. Pretend you can control another avatar like a puppet by using an alt. This will not work on oldbies, but newbies might be fooled.

14. Dress up as a newbie inworld... and ACT like one! Follow all the typical newbie stereotypes and see if you can get anyone to really be angry at you *g*

13. Dress up as a newbie inworld and hold something very valuable (i.e an event wrap that everyone wants). Say "Event Wrap for sale.. but I dont know what its worth. Please ESP me to make an offer". If there are some honest people around, this will not work Just watch some of the ridiculous offers you get.

12. Unghost behind someone and advertise a Rare Item for sale.. for a tenth of its price!

11. Block all ESP and ESP Mail. ESP Someone with "You have been chosen to enter our 1 Million Token Prize Draw. To Enter, ESP me a $ sign" Then log off.

10. Engrave an item as something like "A Really Rare Wrap" and put it into your pocket. Goto the lobby and advertise "Raffling off A Really rare Wrap!" and start a prize draw. Also, actually hold a REAL rare wrap to make this work better. When the winner unghosts, put the wrap in your pocket and take out the item you engraved earlier to give to them. *eg*

9. Create a two+ room turf and invite people up. When they enter room 2, lock room 1.

8. Place a teleport address on your URL and tell everyone to click.

7. Create a turf. Paint it all black and fill the room with bricks. Name the room "Find the hidden passage to Continue!". Invite people up with the message "Shop now open! All event rares only 100 tokens!".

6. When someone is in the middle of a trade, keep handing one of them tks so they cannot complete the trade *g*

5. Sell a really rare item down in the lobby to an anonymous alt for a ridiculously small amount of money then have your alt taunt you. Now sit back and see how many ppl defend you.

4. Say youre selling a really rare item for a tenth of its price out loud in the lobby. Turn off ESP and Mail, and completely ignore any people wanting to buy in the lobby. Just keep advertising!

3. Give everyone in the locale 1 token then ghost. Once the tokens are all gone, repeat this again. Eventually every avatar will be holding an item to stop ppl from handing them tokens. Now, drop 1000tks on the floor (if you can afford it) and ghost. Talk about a tease .

2. If you are hosting a game of Bingo in your turf, while the numbers are called have someone move items around the locale in front of peoples faces..etc.. then claim that nobody else is on the lease and perhaps someone is hacking into VZones.

1. Pretend you are foreign and cannot speak good English... then play a game of PFI or Acro and come out with some weird stuff *g*


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