VZones Top 20 Lists

Top 20 Things We Need to Ward Off Those Annoying Avatars

20. Being able to smack their @$$.

19. Dunce caps to put on parkers, annoying sellers, scrollers, ect.

18. The ability to change them to Fat Female bodies.

17. Being able to give someone tokens labeled "0T's".

16. Being able to kick them in the pants.

15. Putting a little puddle of yellow when they stand up if they are parked in a public place, and saying "Someone had an accident!".

14. Destroying them until they say something FGS!

13. Being able to replace their bodies with VZones TVs.

12. Pies you can slam in their faces.

11. A trusty guide to freeze, mute, or ghost, whenever you need 'em.

10. Being able to send them to Harvax for a few years.

9. If they're parked in a chair, the ability to sit on them.

8. If its someone you know in RW, tell them what kind of diapers they used to use.

7. Turn their bodies ito the opposite sex so they scurry off to change it.

6. To be able to pull down their pants and show everyone their dirty undies. *eg*.

5. Invite them up to your "store" and lock them in.

4. Be able to push them off the screen.

3. Tell them to buggar off, and if they don't, attack them with Harvaxian butterflies.

2. Being able to shove them in the lobby elevator, and make them go to the 700th floor.

1. The ability to give point your avatar's middle finger up at them.


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