VZones Top 20 Lists

Top 20 Items We want to have In World

20. Wings that make you Flyyyyyyyy!

19. Our own shoe-maker machine

18. A wedding ring that avatars can actually WEAR

17. Bracelets and Anklets

16. Our own paint mashine so we can paint ourselves whenever we want

15. Our own horses to ride around VZ

14. Genies that get us whatever we want from turfs, or paint cans, etc.

13. Broomsticks to fly around

12. CARS to drive around (theres jeeps, corvettes, Porsches, everything you want!)

11. Hair accessories for girls

10. Our own Guide to protect us

9. Custom Turf-Paint

8. A machine that colors the items we want to color

7. Markers to draw on the Walls of your turf

6. Heads that can cry

5. Band-Aids

4. Animated Pets (EXCEPT Crackers the Parrot)

3. Cat-bodies

2. Guns that can shoot annoying avatars

1.A female body with Spaghetti straps and shorts


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