VZones Top 20 Lists

Things we'd LOVE to do in VZones!
Thanks to the folks in Vz Lobby #1 for their input!

20. The ability to cuddle our animals.

19. Have a *real* pregnant body! ;)

18. Engrave our own items, like in Glass City.

17. A real holding hands option.

16. Sit on someone's lap.

15. Visually ignore.

14. Have the ability to hug.

13. Have Guide powers in our own turfs.

12. Different clothes.

11. Shake or Nod our heads.

10. Have a Backhand or Punch button.

9. Hold things in both hands.

8. Bigger chest on athletic female body.

7. Be able to click on someone and see all their name changes.

6. Change these god awful ugly shoes.

5. The ability to hang a "I Am Parking" sign to parkers.

4. Be able to actually eat an item.

3. Be able to paint ourselves without a Caretaker's help.

2. Get nekkid, w00w00.

1. Duct tape the mouths of spammers.


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