VZones Top 20 Lists

Top 20 things that We're Sick of Seeing in Vzones
Thanks to folks in the Vz Lobby #2 for their input!

20. Folks that hand you junk (used paint cans, trees, etc.) for no reason.

19. People that walk around taking bids on items.

18. Foxes that look created during a drunked stupor.

17. People that talk in choppy language - "How R U 2Day".

16. Cliques.

15. People that interrupt games or conversations with macros.

14. Too much $&#*%@ swearing!

13. Trees with items for sale.

12. People who talk without thinking of the impact of their words on others.

11. Event Days with too much bingo.

10. Overusing items too much - We need NEW items, let's stop recoloring old stuff.

9. Those who ask "Is that for sale?" despite the TMA that says NO!.

8. Pixel Greed - this involves those who steal or those who deliberately overcharge for items.

7. Rude oldbies, newbies, management.

6. People that fill locales with ATMs, vendo's, apartment manager.

5. Beggers and whiners with their "Pleeeeeease sell me something, Pleeeeeease give me something".

4. Getting the response of "Make an offer" when you ask about the price of something for sale.

3. Auctions - there's too many and they raise the prices.

2. Those who beg "Please wait for me before you start the game" when the game is already 10 minutes late.

1. Anime Eve* head.


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