VZones Top 20 Lists

Ways you can tell that VZones has affected your Real World

20. You try to paint your skin with spray paint.

19. Getting upset when you just can't pop into a body change machine when you want to shed, or gain, a few pounds.

18. You look for an eye in the sky to see if you're alone in your apartment.

17. You find yourself looking for the "Poke" button on the cat.

16. When you hear a joke, you say "LOL" outloud.

15. You ask anyone in yellow t-shirt and grey pants if they need any help.

14. Upon purchasing something at the grocery store, you look for a SAFE member to be the middle man.

13. You see nothing wrong with hunting for foxes, as long as you can hold it.

12. Upon seeing a multi-colored banner, you ask what event day is coming.

11. If it suddenly starts to snow or rain, it's not Mother Nature, it's a Caretaker.

10. You ask how many tokens something costs.

9. You wonder why pipes don't automatically come attached to a bow.

8. You don't mind paying $50,000 - $80,000 for a colored teddy bear.

7. You're confused when you can't put your head in your pocket.

6. You refer to your home as your turf.

5. You look to page a Guide when someone makes you angry.

4. No matter where you look, you can't find the spot to edit your TMA/URL.

3. You're confused when you can't sell items by placing them in a tree.

2. You complain when you don't make $500 a day.

1. You've done most of the items on this list! ;)


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