VZones Top 20 Lists

Top 20 Things that make me Laugh in VZones by Nev (aka Mookie)

20. Watching someone win a single leaf in Bingo

19. Avi's who 'newbie click' at embarrassing moments!

18. Listening to an angry Avi who bought a rare for 100K, only to see it turn up in a vendo the next day!

17. Shops that try to sell ordinary vendo items for inflated prices!

16. Watching everyone putting an irritating Avi on ignore (you've gotta love that ignore function)!!

15. Beggars who receive 1T from a 'sympathetic' Avi!

14. A 14 year old Avi arguing with another 14 year old Avi (Warning: can eventually become VERY annoying!)

13. Male Avi's wearing wraps!!

12. Female Avi's who spray their whole body pink to look nekkid!!

11. Avi's who pawn rares by mistake!

10. Playing the 'Follow me' game during bingo (select someone to follow and pray they don't drag you out of the room!) Ask Beverley for the rules!

9. Watching the sad little squirt of water that comes out of the watergun!

8. Watching the sad little flame that comes out of the gun lighter!!

7. Thieves who get exposed in public (revenge is sweet)!

6. Avi's wearing a duck head (well, always makes ME laugh)!

5. Avi's who pretend to be pinched from behind!

4. Avi's carrying bears that look like they're sniffing their armpits!

3. Watching a lost and confused newbie walk past you 20 times without asking for directions!

2. When an Avi makes a bingo call and they aren't even registered!

1. But what REALLY makes me laugh in VZ is chatting with Tiny Dancer - she should be a stand-up comedian!!!


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