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Top 20 Tips & Hints for a Successful Event Day

20. A Good Idea - So you want to have an event day eh? Your first step is to think of the Theme. What is your event day going to be about? You want a topic everyone can be excited about! Interactive events like Color Wars, Battle of the Sexes, Death of a Pixel are always a hit, but require more work than your average event day.

19. No Ego Trips - This isn't the time to play the role of Event Master/Mistress. You're doing a service for the community, not vice versa. Have an event so people can have a good time, not so you can Do Things Your Way or boss people around.

18. Enough Time - Allow at least 1.5 - 2 months to fully plan your event. Others have done them in a matter of weeks but adding more time lessens the stress.

17. Prize Choice - While your dream prize may be a UFO, it might not appeal to the majority of the population. You want people to play to win, so pick prizes that tend to be popular: Bears, Wraps, Sceptres/Staffs, Insignia Hats, Coin Veils, Masks & Steppe Hats always make for good choices.

16. Prize Color - Along with the prize selection is the color - stay away from an outrageous color scheme like orange & bright blue - and pick something that appeals to all. Popular choices include pastels and color combinations involving black, white or purple.

15. Help! - The more people you have to help you with this, the better. Co-Hosts are fun to plan with and lessen the work/stress load.

14. Schedule - Make your schedule easy to follow and understand. If you're not good with HTML, ask for help from a friend. I (MinxCat) have helped many people with their Event Web Pages and would be honored to help you as well. Just ESP me or Mail Me! :)

13. Game Variety - While Bingo is always a hit, you won't want a full schedule of it. Allow a good variety including PFI/Acromania, WIAN, Word Scramble, Trivia, etc. Encourage people to get creative and come up with other interactive games. The more variety, the better.

12. Interactive Games - So you want Interactive Games like Poetry or a Turf Contest? Not sure if they'll be suggested by the hosts? You can either put them on the schedule, looking for volunteer hosts - or host them yourself!

11. Turf Time - If you plan on having a Turf Contest, make up a Webpage with your rules and information. Allow turf creators enough time to be creative and make a masterpiece. Give suggestions on turfs to create! Have the contest and the page advertised in the VZ Paper or VZones Network to let people know about it.

10. E-mail Response - After you get an e-mail to host, respond to that e-mail and confirm the information: host name, date, time, locale, game, and sponsor. This will save on last minute corrections because a host mispelled their turf name or put down the wrong time to host.

9. Suggestions - Be prepared to suggest game topics, even creating them on your own if need be.

8. Advertise - Get the word out, let everyone know that a fun event is coming that they can be a part of. Be proud of your work and the prizes, be proud of your hosts. Get everyone excited and anxious!

7. Communication - Be in constant contact with your hosts! ESP or e-mail your hosts one week before your event to remind them that they're hosting. This will give you plenty of time if someone has forgotten they have to host and need to cancel their game.

6. Rest - Get plenty of it before the event - you'll need it.

5. Appreciation - Thank Your Hosts... I repeat, Thank Your Hosts!! ESP them, buy them a small engraveable if you can - without them, you would have no event day. Treat them good and you'll find you'll have hosts ready to go if/when you host your next event day.

4. To Show or Not To Show - Some people like to list the winners of each game on the event schedule, some don't. I, personally, don't. This leaves these winners open to criticize if they tend to win a lot during certain games or with specific hosts. It also leaves them open to tons of ESPs asking for trades/sales. This is your decision as the event host - just be prepared for the consequences.

3. Back Up Hosts - If you can, have back-up hosts ready to go. Ask around for people who can be inworld with a game ready to go just in case. This will save on the disappointment of a Cancelled Game due to a No Show Host.

2. Stay Calm - So you have a No Show Host... don't panic. Many hosts are a few minutes late because they need to reboot, have to grab prizes, or even having ISP problems. Allow the host 10 - 15 minutes to show up. If someone doesn't show up at all, go to the locale (if possible) and either 1) announce the cancellation of the game or 2) announce who will take over for the game. If they don't show up, don't leave rude ESP messages - you don't know the situation. Their computer might have died, or even have had a Real World accident. I suggest an ESP like "Hi, this is *event host*! I noticed you couldn't host today in my event, I hope everything is OK with you! You'll need to return your prizes to your sponsor - thanks! *F3*"

1. Relax! - Sit back, smile and be confident in the fact that you just had a successful event day. Reflect over what went right and what went wrong. Jot down notes for your next event day, these will be extremely handy.


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