VZones Top 20 Lists

Top 20 Categories Rejected for the Avatar Awards 2000!

20. Worst Host Inworld.

19. Biggest Pain In The Ass.

18. Most Likely To End Up In Prison.

17. Lowest IQ.

16. Avatar You Love To Hate.

15. Easiest Game To Cheat At.

14. Avatar With The Worst Eyesight (aka Ugliest Clothing).

13. Most Easily Bribed Staff Member.

12. Item You'd Like To Banish For All Eternity.

11. Person You'd Like To Banish For All Eternity.

10. Avatar You'd Most Like To Kill.

9. Most Likely To Cyber.

8. Worst Reputation.

7. Avatar You Most Wish Never Joined Vz.

6. Greediest Avatar.

5. Easiest Person To Steal From (aka Thief Target).

4. Avatar Most Likely To Never Become Management.

3. Favorite Vzones Network Editor.

2. Most Likely To Go Postal.

1. Most Likely To Become MinxCat's BoyToy. ;)


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