Rare Pics




  Strange Bugs

An ugly gray void opened up accidently in XOOM 1999.

Various graphics glitches inworld.

An empty vendo?

Possibly the funniest glitch in the history of VZones... for a short amount of time, the spider body was availible in Club Connect. Of course, this was not meant to happen.

Another empty vendo

When your graphics begin to load for the first time, the elevator looks just like this.

The amazing cloning chair!

I've heard of losing your head... but losing your hand?!

This is what you get when you mix a turf with the lobby!

A mysterious locale opened up which was meant to be linked to the CC Event Center. Strangely enough, the doors just lead to the entrance of the same locale.

Another strange graphics glitch

A mysterious door appeared for a short while, one afternoon in Phoenix.