Rare Pics




  Planned (then scrapped) VZones Locales

An unreleased Avatarwares turf by the name of The Penthouse.

As rumoured in the forums prior to Hotel California, the world of NewHorizone was going to be transformed into Ghost Town for the Halloween season. These shots suggest the change was underway before they decided on the Hotel California theme instead.

Well, this looks like the start of what could have been Chicago beyond that city-front.

Some tiki locale, possibly meant for DS

The DS mansion on a hill

The beginnings of SK, maybe?

In an alley type locale, VZC was supposed to have its own interactive chess game like Dreamscape has now. It might still happen!

A lobby to what seems like the VZCs version of Harlequin Games.

The original engravers locale, before it opened in Seattle. This locale did not open and the insides were moved directly to the Seattle event center.

A special locale which was to fit into the business/partner/conference scheme for VZ.

Some more business locales. As you can see, the first three are actually modified from real locales (the jester locale looks very much like NHs Garden Pub locale)

More unique business/conference locales which were to be used inworld. (Pics taken from Final Frontiers - but the locales looked exactly the same in VZC)