The Item Tease Prank

So this is what people do when theyre bored <g>

Imagine this: You're standing in the Village Apts Lobby when an avatar walks by, shouting at the top of their voice:

Everyone Listen Up!! I am Leaving VZones, and giving away my stuff! If you are one of my true friends, please come up to turf _____!

Ok, not too out of the ordinary... except the avatar was dressed in newbie colors, had a newbie head and was called Avatar451. Ok so people went up... but wait a minute, didnt the avatar say "If you are one of my true friends, please come up..."? I seriously doubt a newbie had this many friends:

There was another problem... when the avatars from the lobby got up to the turf, the room was full... and the people already there were taking all the stuff!!!

Of course, the avatars in the turf were all part of the set-up to make it look like the room was full of avatars. While the frustrated ghosties watched on and continuously clicked the unghost button with a hope of getting down, the unghosted avies were actling like they were having the times of their lives, taking all the free stuff. We put stuff on the ground for the avies to pick up as soon as the ghost count grew high.

We purposely left a very rare insignia hat on the wall glued down to attract the ghosties. Finally, we decided to put them out of their misery. The group of avatars ghosted and everyone else came down to find... the hat was glued down!

We expected them to all leave annoyed... but instead, they waited half an hour for someone to unglue the hat. No, it never happened hehe.