Patchers, Hackers and Edd in PINK!?

This was another one of those risky pranks we should have got punished for even trying to do <g>. Before you read on, i'd (Metal Edd) just like to say sorry to everyone I worried from doing this. I also apologize to any staff members that happened to get involved... trust me - that was not planned.
Anyway, if youre ready to read the funniest inworld prank yet, please continue <eg>.

Have you ever been hacked with a trojan? Its a scary thing... Trojans are servers that run on your computer and allow others with the special client to do whatever they want with your files. Well, Krazy and I decided to emulate this in a virtual world. Krazy pretended to be the hacker and I pretended to be the victim.
Ok, that doesnt sound funny... it doesnt even sound believeable... until Krazy says this out loud:

?Metal Edd Ghost_Deghost

It didnt make much sense to the lobby folk until I actually ghosted and unghosted. Some people found this funny, while others didnt buy it. So we tried a different command:

?Metal Edd Jump_Twice

This 'forced me' to jump on the spot, twice. Some people were still not buying it so we tried a few more commands:

?Metal Edd Walk_Left

Again, I did as the hacker said, and walked left. This is when everyone got stupid. By this point, Krazy had a locale full of admirers who wanted to try their hand at "controlling Edd" (Krazy was actually some guys 'hero')... some aveys even tried to use the commands themselves, hoping it would work on me. Of course, that would have got too complicated, so I decided that Krazy was the only one with the power.

Finally, Krazy 'crashed' me with the command:
?Metal Edd GotoTurf_Home
My avatar didnt have a turf called Home so this apparently crashed me.

When I returned, I had an interesting idea. I told Krazy that I was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to make this prank all the more believeable.... I would paint myself Pink! We'll show you the script from this point to let you read what happened next...

<system>: Entering Locale: Village Public Elevator
<system>: Welcome back! You are returning as a ghost.
KrAzY: wb
Metal Edd: shut up.
Metal Edd: I want you to stop right now
M I B A B: it wasn't him edd
M I B A B: it was I!
Metal Edd: it was Krazy saying the commands <shrug>
M I B A B: I used my bio hack
M I B A B: and changed your OS settings to win95
ESP to KrAzY: does MIB know its a joke now?
ESP from KrAzY: nope
ESP from KrAzY: no one does
ESP to KrAzY: good <react>
Metal Edd: MIB youre capable of nothing
M I B A B: shut up
Metal Edd: I hope you have stopped now Krazy...
ESP from KrAzY: ok, this is gonna how it will work
ESP from KrAzY: i'll grab a can of paint, hand it to you, then quickly say the command, so it looks like theres no time
ESP from KrAzY: then u quickly spray yer whole body
ESP from KrAzY: it will be ?Metal Edd Spray_Upper&Lower
ESP to KrAzY: k thanks <grin>
ESP from KrAzY: this is gonna be hilarious <react>
ESP to KrAzY: yup <react>
ESP to KrAzY: k
ESP from KrAzY: ?Metal Edd Spray_Upper&Lower
ESP from KrAzY: for reference
ESP from KrAzY: <react>
ESP to KrAzY: u got it then?
ESP from KrAzY: lmao
ESP from KrAzY: this is a good one
ESP from KrAzY: ok, spray lower first, then upper liek going down the spray list ?Metal Edd Spray_Lower&Upper
ESP from KrAzY: coming back
ESP from KrAzY: make like u have no clue
ESP from KrAzY: dont say anything
ESP to KrAzY: just worried I wont click spray fast enough
ESP from KrAzY: say lag
ESP from KrAzY: or sumthin
ESP from KrAzY: but go down list, bottom then upper
ESP from KrAzY: ok
ESP to KrAzY: okies
ESP from KrAzY: i'm ready
ESP from KrAzY: u?
ESP to KrAzY: nope
ESP to KrAzY: we need more
ESP from KrAzY: bleh
ESP to KrAzY: do a few things first
ESP to KrAzY: little things
ESP to KrAzY: to get a crowd
ESP to KrAzY: try ghost/un again
KrAzY: ?Metal Edd Ghost_Deghost
Metal Edd unghosts then deghosts
KrAzY: <react>
Penthesileia: Krazy <react>
Metal Edd: Krazy.
KrAzY: ?Metal Edd Jump_Twice
Metal Edd jumps twice
Idiot: what was that Krazy?
KrAzY: <react>
Metal Edd: plz
Metal Edd: stop
KrAzY: <react>
<system> : There are 8 ghosts.
KrAzY: its fun
Penthesileia: Krazy, I don't want you to, but could you send me the trojan?
KrAzY: no
KrAzY: <react>
KrAzY: er
KrAzY: trojan?
Idiot: do it to me Krazy
KrAzY: lol
Penthesileia: or whatever Penthesileia: the patch thing
Penthesileia: that you sent to edd
Penthesileia: to get him to do whatever you want
KrAzY: hm
KrAzY: ?Metal Edd Ghost_Deghost
Metal Edd ghosts then unghosts
KrAzY: ?Metal Edd walk_left
Metal Edd walks to the locale to the left
KrAzY: rofl
Metal Edd: fgs
Metal Edd: stop
Metal Edd: it is NOT funny anymore.
Penthesileia: Krazy stop torturing the poor lad
KrAzY: ?Metal Edd Ghost
Metal Edd ghosts
Tabby Cat: <frown><frown>
Penthesileia: <react>
KrAzY: ?Metal Edd Unghost
Metal Edd unghosts

Finally, we decided to go for the big one that we had planned...

ESP from KrAzY: lets just do it now
ESP to KrAzY: k go
Metal Edd: K..
<system>: You've received Body: Baby Pastel from KrAzY.
KrAzY: ?Metal Edd Spray_Lower&Upper
Metal Edd paints himself pink on both lower and upper
Princess Aurora: Hurtttinnggggggg
Mortis: <react><react><react>
Princess Anastasia: LOL
Princess Aurora: brb afk
Penthesileia: rofl
Metal Edd: ha that didnt work
Princess Anastasia: Edd you're stunning.
Penthesileia: yes it did
Metal Edd: no it didnt
Metal Edd: i'm green
Mortis: Pink Edd.
Penthesileia: Edd ghost and unghost
KrAzY: ?Metal Edd Ghost_Deghost
Metal Edd ghosts and unghosts
Mortis: Edd, your tie clashes.
Metal Edd: uig qwpif
KrAzY: <react><react>
Metal Edd: OOOOM!G!!!!!
Tabby Cat: LMAO
Metal Edd: PINK

Princess Anastasia: <saves text>
KrAzY: ropfl
Penthesileia: rofl
Metal Edd: !:?????
KrAzY: -p
Princess Anastasia: Lmfao
Metal Edd: OMFG
Penthesileia: Krazy
Penthesileia: i think edd's ad enough
Metal Edd: i'm crying in RW fgs
Metal Edd: how could you do that
Tabby Cat: LMAO
KrAzY: har har
ESP to KrAzY: lmao

Metal Edd: thats another prank for the scrap book <react>
Ray3: turn back please
KrAzY: funnay sh*t <react>
Guide Ambrosa: hiyas
Ray3: your killin my eyes
Princess Anastasia: Ahaha Edd in pink.
Metal Edd: hiyas Amb <wave><grin>
Princess Anastasia: Someone take a screenshot.
Mortis: Allo. <wave>
Guide Ambrosa: whats up?
<system>: You've received Body: Baby Pastel from KrAzY.
Metal Edd: enjoy it while it lasts guys <jump>
Mortis: Rainclouds and some rain over here.
Mortis: Edd you look lovely now.
Metal Edd: thx <react>
Tootsie: omg <relax>
Tootsie: I didn't even notice that was you.
Metal Edd: brb gonna take a quick stroll <react>
Mortis: No.
<system>: Entering Locale: Village Turf Lobby
Christopher: ?
<system>: KrAzY is now following you.
KrAzY: <react>
<system>: Entering Locale: Village Apartments
L@dy Dr@cul: lol stop it you two lol
Guide Hanah: brb
Guide Hanah: wow Edd
Guide Hanah: nice
Metal Edd: was part of a prank
KrAzY: <react>
Kellis: ed.. you look very pink
Guide Hanah: I do as Im told
Twinky Babe: very
KrAzY: can<present>
Metal Edd: <react>
KrAzY: ?Metal Edd Jump
Metal Edd: SMOOOOOOOCH <react>
KrAzY: <react>
Guide Hanah: its lovely on you Edd
Becky-Lou: lol
Kellis: what did he do? lol
Ray3: Vzones announcement:Metal EDD is PINK
KrAzY: rofl
Metal Edd: *psychotic glance*

As you can see, it caused quite a stir!