Rare Pics




  The Locales

The Lobby: Possibly the most important locale in Hotel Silicon... a regular hangout for most of the community, centerpoint for meetings, the arena for some heated arguments (mostly about tokens or items) and the greeting zone for newbies.

The Grave: Provided stressful times when the entrance was discovered... for there was no exit <g>. With this torture unheard of, members started to panic... of course, they eventually found the exit and escaped. This trick of using hidden doors was later used later in other worlds, particularly at halloween.

The Wedding Chapel: The internet equivalent of vegas! No, not really... Heres Claudette and Robert building the wedding chapel. This locale saw many, many weddings over the few months it stood.

The Final Score: A nice quiet locale, and gateway to the elusive valet lounge (see the Employees Only door?). This was later replaced by the rattlesnake bar... however, the Final Score can still be seen in the current Hotel Silicon in NH.

The Second Garden: Later changed to the Silicon Caribe... here is the change in progress.

Hotel Silicon Birthdays: The birthday turf, used for the HS Birthday Service. The service was run by none other than Hotel Silicon HQ... the VZones Network of the time!