Rare Pics




  The Seediness of Hotel Silicon

The Hotel was quite well known for the seediness of its content and even members... although not quite as riské as todays Seducity. Basically, the members were allowed to get away with a lot more in 'those days'. Here are a few examples:

The staff members usually whipped bad avatars back into order... quite literally.

Allowed in public urinals... but public hallways? Bad Tito!

Oh now thats just disgusting.

Puking too.

Lapdancing was also a regular occurance inworld. Demonstrated here by Frenzy and Tito (cmon, he had to be involved).

Not quite legal, but not quite frowned upon... patching was a regular pasttime for many members of Hotel Silicon, proof above. When former staff member, Tigereye left the world, he patched to create four clones of himself.