Rare Pics




  Major Events

Cracked Hotel: As the Hotel began its descent into the depths of cyberspace, cracks started appearing all over, as a hint that changes are about to take place.

Freeeezy Fun Day: The final event to ever take place in Hotel Silicon, hosted by Metal Edd and Alex Dude. Unfortunately, the closure of hotel was announced before the event took place... so the event was cancelled at the last minute. Instead, we had some fun with the prizes and counted the days til Hotels demise.

Chef Boy R' Die: The complete cast which performed in the chef murder mystery.

More from the murder mystery event. Some of the chef names were "Eatsat Dennys", "Pat O' Butter" and "Kappa Chino".

Leggo-My-Ecto-98: The event where six ghosts escaped from the afterlife and were unleashed on Hotel. One a murderer, one a dead (yes, not moving) corpse, all blatant macroers, and a psychotic devil that is trying to haul them back into the underworld. Phew, what a trip! Cast members included Hector Plasm, Perry Normal and Moana.

Girlz Paint Party: Wow, sexism to add to the Hotels long list of taboos? This was a special event for the ladies which meant they could get painted with no queue and two dedicated Concierges on standby. Males were evicted on-sight... you would not believe the lengths we had to go through to get these pictures... ok, we asked someone :-\

Spraylay Races: Robert and Gisele hosted the spraylay races... relay races with a can of spray paint as the baton.

Hyper Day: Hyper Day! Best remembered for its awesome prizes, which were worn by many members months after the event took place.