Rare Pics




  Hotel Silicon Bugs

This is where hotel really shined.. it was remembered most for the number of bugs we encounted during our years there. Glitch-wise, Hotel Silicon members discovered everything we may do today, accidental or not.

In Hotel, we had an item type that has since vanished from all VZones worlds... the document. It was originally a newspaper that you could write in, but other graphic versions appeared here and there. A bug was found which allowed the holder of the original to create duplicate 'document balls'. The balls could not be used as documents, but they made nice knicknacks... oh, and they pawned for 10T.

The Dupe: A very important event of Hotels history, the dupe was a time when members were able to duplicate actual inworld items using a clumsily placed table in the vendo. You would place an item on to the table (still in the vendo), then you would buy exactly what was displayed in the vendo.. including the item you placed on the table. In effect, duplicating the item for a mere 2000T. 2000T was a fortune in those days... but soon enough, tokens were being duplicated too... meaning Billions would be the average amount in most avatar's pockets.
An easy mistake for the management to make, especially if they have never encounted such a bug before... however, no one really could explain why they took well over a month to remove the table from the vendo. It was madness.

This happened quite alot... the wall fell off and landed on the avatars. This happened in front of a pretty large crowd at the regular paint party, hosted by Claudette. Apparently, this was a cause of the unbearable lag experienced that day... so the paint party was postponed. We did get something for the inconvenience however.. little hearts called "Lag Monster" hehe <g>

An old bug that allowed to you stand on someones head.

The flyaway bug from early Hallway.

For a while, the first room was always buggy in Hotel Silicon turfs... see the gray patch?