The Hidden Door Prank of VZones

First of all, we would like to apologise to those people who fell for our little joke <g> but please remember that is was just a mere prank and we did not mean anything by it.

This is what we did...
We set up a turf in VZConnections painted completely dark and with objects scattered all over the locale. Next, we changed the room name to "Find the Secret Passageway" and ghosted while an anonymous avatar advertised this in the lobby:

Please go to turf: - - - - - - and find the secret passageway. If you succeed, you shall find the secret room filled with rare goodies. Max: 3 Event Items per avatar.

People started to enter and immediately got puzzled by what they saw.

Avies were frustratingly clicking around the locale for a good 20 minutes when they started to lose interest and think the whole thing was a set-up (derr). So we knew we had to do something to save it <g>

This time, we pretended that some people actually found the secret passageway. We got some assistants who happened to be in the turf to walk to any brick in the room. When they faced the brick, we booted them (simulating what it looks like to walk through a door). Then the avatar reappears in the turf with something very rare in their hands.
With this new reason to keep searching, we attracted more avatars to keep searching for the hidden treasure.

After another 2 hours (yes you read correctly) people actually started to leave so we needed another reason for them to stay. A greedy avatar that plans on keeping all the items for himself? Sure, that will work.
One of our volunteers pretended to try and remove ppl from the turf by saying that he wants all the items for himself. The other avies immediately get angry and call him selfish, greedy...etc...
So when our volunteer asks if they give up... the crowd says "NEVER!"

The prank lasted a full THREE AND A HALF HOURS. Eventually, we had to tell everyone the secret and boot them out <g> Only that some people wouldnt believe it wasa joke and kept returning for one last look.

Here are some highlights of the transcript:

Now didnt that sound like fun <g>