Rare Pics





  Fake VZ Pictures

This was sent in by an anonymous avatar a few months ago.. later proven to be fake.

The "Hotel Silicon Reopening" prank we pulled at April Fools 2002.

Tokyo in NewHorizone! We were going to pull this one before we thought of the Hotel prank.

A caretakers turf with an amulet vendo?? Oh purrlease. Amulet Vendos are perhaps the oldest rumors in VZones history.

Apparently taken during the construction of Club Connect. This CT is just moving a vendo into place... and talking to his imaginary ghost friend :-\

This Caretaker decides to the favatar thing and give a friend some stuffed cat he just created. Sure, abandon the vendo to pick favorites.

Oh yeah, as if a locale like this would exist. So where is the avatar that took the picture, if there are no ghosts to be seen?

This pic fooled some people for a little while... but look closely. The Name Registry is positioned too far to the left, and the top part of the Wall is too far to the right.

This picture also fooled many people, but take a closer look at the Apartment Manager... are those wires? And look at her freaky cyborg arm!