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  VZ Gaming Guide - Word Scramble


You will be given a group of letters in random order, on easy or difficult mode - host's choice, which you need to unscramble to make a word or phrase.

The level of difficulty will be announced before the start of a new round. When asked, ESP your answer to the host. You may answer more than once, but only your last answer counts.

One point is awarded for each correct answer, unless you are the only one to answer correctly, then you receive 3 points! The player who earns the most points over a series of questions is the overall winner.

Each Scramble game will have a specific topic or theme, which will be announced beforehand.


Pay attention to the hostís instructions, as well as, the topic - subject of the game.
Say the Scrambles out loud, use a pencil/notepad, if necessary, to unscramble the words.
Try your best and most of all have fun!




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