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  VZ Gaming Guide - Tag Team Relay Races

This is simply a race between two groups of two people in a relay race from a start point to a checkpoint. Heres how its played:
1) When the host gives the signal, take the baton to the checkpoint as quickly as possible, then give it to your partner.
2) The second avatar must then get back to the start point and give the baton to the host before the other player.

Plan the route before your turn. Work out which route is the fastest to the checkpoint then ghost to get there as soon as possible. Take shortcuts into consideration.

How to Host

What you will need:

Plugins: Name Lister/Raffle
Turf: Not Required
Items: A Baton (a spraycan works)
Assistants: One Required

Setting up:

Work out a good start/check point.

Hosting Instructions:

1) Say the Rules Macro.
2) Take registrations and call out two names at a time, noting them down and calling them Team One, Two, Etc.
3) Call down teams one and two, then send player 2 of each to go wait at the checkpoint. The Assistant must go with them to ensure the baton is transferred.
4) When both teams are ready, give the signal to commence the race.
5) The winner is the first person to give the baton back to the host.
6) Complete the game as a ladder-tournament between teams.

Hosting Tips:

Make the starting points and checkpoints interesting. For example, pick two points with many, many different routes to be taken.




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