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  VZ Gaming Guide - Mystery Turf
Invented by Dante (Hotel Silicon)

1) Solve the clue to find the turf name.
2) Enter the turf and be the first to get the prize.

Have the Enter Elevator Location box open as the host reads out the clues. This way, youll have a head start when entering the turfs name.

How to Host

What you will need:

Plugins: Macro
Turf: Required!!
Items: Prize Items
Assistants: Required Assistant or Alt

Setting up:

Before the game, devise a set of clues with answers that make up an elevator name. For round one, place a prize in the turf then rename the turf name to the answer. Make sure you have an assistant or an alt in the turf to keep it open.

Hosting Instructions:

1) Read rules from macro
2) Give the first clue and the signal that its ok to start.
3) When the first prize has been collected, rename the turf to answer two.
4) Repeat 2 and 3 for however many rounds you have.

Hosting Tips:

Try putting all the clues on macros to make the game run smoother. Also, you could offer three clues per round, ranging from Hard to Easy.




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