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  VZ Gaming Guide - Hunts (Fox, Fuzzie, etc)

Items of a kind will be dropped around the world.. simply ghost around, find the item then be the first to pick it up.

I cant really offer any real advice on this game.. but there is a small cheat you could do. If you have alts, post them in the most awkward, out of the way locales. That way, there is little chance that an item will be dropped in that locale.
Alternatively, you could use alts as lookout avies.

How to Host

What you will need:

Plugins: None Required
Turf: None Required
Items: Just the hunt item
Assistants: None Required

Setting up:

No setting up required

Hosting Instructions:

When the hunt-manager gives the signal, simply drop the hunt items wherever you please.

Hosting Tips:

Behind bushes, inside fountains, behind a group of avatars... be inventive with your hiding places.




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