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  VZ Gaming Guide - Hot Potato

1) Players register to play.
2) Two players are called at a time, to play.
3) The hosts gives player one a token.
4) The host drops an item on the ground.
5) When the host gives the signal, the players must pass the token back and forth between each other.
6) The aim of the game is to try and pick up the item before the other person, while avoiding the token.
7) The loser gets knocked out of the game, and the winner goes on to play the winner of the second round. This tournament system continues until the host is left with one (or three) winner/s.

Instead of a two player tournament, the game could be hosted round-by-round like a ghost racing game, where there are 10 randomly selected players and 9 tokens to pass around. Although this is harder for the host to keep track of.

Dont go straight for the item as soon as you give away the token. When you havent got the token, walk towards the item in short steps until youre close enough to make a grab for it.

How to Host

What you will need:

Plugins: Name Lister/Raffle
Turf: Required
Items: Two player markers, One token, any one item
Assistants: None Required

Setting up:

1) Set the room to allow three avatars only (two players + one host)
2) Glue two player markers to the ground (can be tokens)

Hosting Instructions:

1) Say the Rules Macro.
2) Take registrations and call out two names at a time.
3) Have both players stand by one of the markers each.
4) When both players are ready, give player one a token and drop the item.
5) Commence the game.
6) The winner is the one with the item.
6) Complete the game as a ladder-tournament.

Hosting Tips:

Place the item in the center to be as fair as possible to both players.




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