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  VZ Gaming Guide - Ghost Racing

Rules (Original)

1) Everyone ghosts
2) The host drops a token
3) Everyone unghosts and tries to get the token
4) Whoever gets the token is the winner

This is the basic way of playing ghost racing, but since the game was created in Dreamscape, more styles of play have been created to offer some variation:

Find the Token
A token is hidden in the turf, and you must find it

Chase the Box
A token is put into the box, and the host moves it around while players frantically try to open it and get the token from inside.

Find the Unglued Token!
Out of 30 or so tokens on the wall, one is unglued. The player must find the unglued token and grab it before anyone else.

Chair Dash
One chair is put on the ground. When the host gives the signal, you must unghost and try to be the first to sit down.

Guess the Box
Four or Five boxes are glued to the wall, with the same Horizontal value. All boxes are opened, and a token is put into one of them. When all the boxes are closed, and the host has ghosted, you must unghost and try to open the box with the token inside.

Box Flip
A token is hidden behind 10-20 closed boxes, on the wall. You must quickly open every box to get to the token, which is just visible behind the last open box.

Quad Racing
Four tokens are placed on the ground in the first round of the game, giving four players a chance to get 1 point each.


Unfortunately, patches are used in Ghost Racing more than any other game inworld... so the first tip would be not to wildly accuse others of cheating or patching.
As for actual gaming tips, use the VZKeys program (3.0) to unghost with the Keyboard while aiming for the token with the mouse. If you are using 2.4, press the Tab button until the Ghost/Unghost button is highlighted, then press Enter to execute.

How to Host

What you will need:

Plugins: Macro (put rules of each game in here)
Turf: Required for some game modes
Items: At least token for original game. Boxes, Ferns..etc.. for the other styles of play.
Assistants: None Required

Setting up:

1) Decorate your turf! Give it lots of token hiding places and containers.
2) Allow for max avatars in the turf.

Setting up for each game:

Chase the Box - Place a token in a box, which is glued to the wall
Find the Unglued Token! - Glue 30 Tokens to the wall
Chair Dash - Place a chair somewhere in the turf locale
Guess the Box - Glue 5 boxes to the wall, same horizontal value
Box Flip - Glue 10 closed boxes to the wall, on the same axis. Hide the token just behind the closed lid of the final box.
Quad Racing - Glue four tokens to the ground. Unglue before ghosting.

Hosting Instructions:

1) Read the rules macro
2) When you are ready to commence the game and are satisfied that the round has been set up correctly, inform the players that the next round is about to begin.
3) Pace the locale a few times before ghosting, then watch as the round objectives are completed by the players.
4) Unghost and reward points as won.
5) At the end of the game (how many rounds you want), the player with the most points is the winner.

Hosting Tips:

Do you want to be a good host or an evil host?
The players will play, but theyll love your game so much more if youre easier on them objective-wise. Remember, a host on a faster connection would be pretty much unbeatable in a round of Chase-The-Box.
If you plan on hosting the standard style of ghost racing throughout the time slot, make sure you enable the 'No waiting til ghosted' rule. This basically means that players will be able to unghost as soon as the token is dropped. This will ensure a faster, smoother game.




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