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  VZ Gaming Guide - Fox Hunt/Hide and Seek

1) Avatars must register to play
2) Two avatars (the foxes) go and hide somewhere inworld. These avatars are allowed to change their appearances, but they must not change their names.
3) The host will give the players a keyword (such as "fishbone")
4) When the host says Go! or Start! you must quickly go and find the two foxes.
5) If/When you find a fox, you must shout out the Key Word along with the foxes name.
6) If you are the first person to tell a fox the Key Word, you will win that round.
7) If you win a round, you win a point. The one with the most points after 5 games will win the entire game.

As soon as you are given the Key Word, type it in and copy it to your clipboard. Now, whenever you think you have spotted a fox, just press Ctrl+V followed by Enter. Dont forget that avatars name tho!

How to Host

What you will need:

Plugins: Name Lister, Multi-ESPer
Turf: Not Required, but advised for starting locale.
Items: None Required
Assistants: Two Avatars Required

Setting up:

1) Select the two avies you plan to use before the game starts. ESP them in advance.
2) Have both avatars hide somewhere before game 1, to save some time.

Hosting Instructions:

1) Say the Rules Macro.
2) Take registrations then Close.
3) Add all the registered names to your Multi-ESPer.
4) Make sure you inform the players of who the foxes are before you begin.
5) When both foxes are ready, make up a Keyword and ESP it to them.
6) Say the Keyword and announce that the game has started.
7) If you are a fox: When you are caught, ESP the host and tell them who has caught you.
If you are the host: Note down the names of the two round winners and award them 1 point each.
8) After five games of this, reward the top three players with prizes.

Hosting Tips:

Make the Keywords more difficult to spell than "hat".
Make sure the foxes dont hide anywhere impossible (like a turf or in the maze).
If possible, limit the hunting area to a selection of locales, rather than the whole world.
To avoid alt-hunters, try to get the foxes to unghost only when the Go! signal is sent.




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